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AI & ML for Supplychain and Logistics

We at RadomeTech are constantly developing customized Machine Learning algorithms to enhance the transformation of Supplychain and Logistics solution. RADBoost® can identify most complicated demand pattern and forecast the Demand more accurately than any other statistical models. The modular structure of such models can be integrated to your existing solutions.

Enterprise AI & ML

LogiSmart – AI based Supplychain and Logistics solution built using AI modules like Inventory forecasting, Demand forecasting, Sales forecasting, Supplier performance prediction, Maintenence spare parts optimization, Route optimization and more…

AI for Customized solutions

Our expertise in Machine Learning, Machine Vision and Natural Language processing helps our clients to enhance their existing solution by adding Artificial Intelligence. We support in both Hardware and Software development in the following areas.
– Prognostics Health Management.
– SWARM Intelligence KIT for UAVs.

– Manufacturing and Inspection   Analytics.

Featuring our AI based Enterprise Software

LogiSmart – AI based Supplychain and Logistics solution

LogiSmart is a best-in-class AI-based enterprise solution which quickly understands the varying demand of supply chain and logistics, which comes up with valuable insights and predictions in real-time. It is empowered with disruptive technologies like cloud computing, machine learning/AI and advanced analytics in order to make it simple, flexible, intelligent and more robust with anywhere, anytime accessibility. AI modules like Inventory forecasting, Demand forecasting, Sales forecasting, Supplier performance prediction, Maintenence spare parts optimization, Route optimization and more… are integrated part of this enterprise solution.

A few things we’re great at

Subject Matter Expert’s Mind Set

Our development of each solution follows deeply the mindset of the subject matter expert as ultimately our AI based solution should meet customer’s requirement in-terms of Form, Fit and Function.

Modular Approach

The requirements are first fragmented into small components and the development of each component will be completed keeping specific goals in mind and finally integrated into a usable AI solution.

Robust and Secure build

Ability to handle huge data using BigData processing and every bit of structure is enabled with multi – level data security

Powerful Interface

Our focus is to provide powerful Interface with stunning charts and deep level insights which can be gathered to make right decisions

Markets which we cater to…

Our standard and customized AI solutions can cater to various markets including but not limiting to Manufacturing, Healthcare, Automotive, Agriculture and Retail

Use Case – Indian Navy

Winner of Defense India Startup Challenge – 1

in October 2018, Government of India, Ministry of Defense, Department of Defense production in association with IDEX & DIO launched its first Defense India Startup Challenge 1 with 11 challenges to Startups recognized by DIPP. One of the eleven challenges was “AI into Supply chain” for Indian Navy. We developed a concept called “LogiSmart” for the same and submitted the proposal, got selected as a winner for this challenge.

Problem Statement

Artificial Intelligence based Logistics and supply chain management (Management of Stores, Spares and Ration).

RadomeTech’s Solution

LogiSmart which is an Integrated AI based Supplychain and Logistics solution customised to meet Navy’s Demand


Demand Forecasting, Inventory optimization, Maintenance Spares optimization and Inspection pattern recognition etc…

Duration of the Project

The Product development is in progress and expected to be in use by our armed forces in mid 2020

Client Testimonials

Don’t take our word for it – here’s what our clients say:

Your work makes IDEX successful and country empowered. Keep it up. Nagendra Prasad KUMBLE.

Dr. Ajay Kumar

Defence Secretary, Government of India

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