Drones and UAVs

Artificial Intelligence, Drones and UAVs are the match made in tech heaving. Pairing the real-time Machine learning Technology of AI with the exploratory abilities of Unmanned Drones and real vehicles gives ground level operators a human-like-eye-in-the-sky. we at RadomeTech have expertise in developing AI based solution for object detection, recognition, classification, counting and segmentation. Also solutions for Swarm Intelligence, Auto-Pilot and detecting failure modes.

Maintenance, Repair & Overhauling

Predictive Maintenance anticipates maintenance, which avoids cost associated with unscheduled downtime. RadomeTech offers solutions which identify patterns that leads to potential problems or failures and allows you to optimize equipment lifetime and minimize downtime. Moving on to next generation maintenance called Prognostic Health Management, we are developing a solution which is at concept phase to not only check the present condition of the part but also predict the available useful life (RUL) of part. This solution is a Real-time solution.

Training and Simulation

Artificial Intelligence and machine learning analyses the trainee’s response to commands and calculates the learning deficiency and start recommending the actions to the learner to fly better and accurate. AI and ML here is adaptive in nature.

Manufacturing and Inspection

it’s a timeless manufacturing goal: to produce high quality products at minimum cost. Factory 4.0 is already demonstrating its value by enabling manufacturers to reach this goal more successfully than ever, and one of the core technologies driving this new wave of ultra-automation is Industrial AI and Machine Learning. Data has become a valuable resource, and it’s cheaper than ever to capture and store. Using artificial intelligence, specifically Process-Based Machine Learning, manufacturers can use data to significantly impact their bottom line by greatly improving production efficiency, product quality, and employee safety.

ProHM+ Prognostic Health Mangement

Prognostics and health monitoring (PHM) is an important and growing focus in the design and maintenance of complex systems. It is being applied to a wide range of problems, from industrial machines to avionics systems to batteries to Aero-Engines. we help you to know the remaining Useful life of your Component/Sub-system/System thorugh prognostic health management tool.

AI & ML for Supply chain and Logistics

Machine learning makes it possible to discover patterns in supply chain data by relying on algorithms that quickly pinpoint the most influential factors to a supply networks’ success, while constantly learning in the process.


we follow Agile methodology for our product development and have strong expertise in product development lifecycle management.

AI based Supplychain and Logistics

LogiSmart is a best-in-class AI based software which quickly understands the varying demand of supply chain and logistics of stores, spares and Ration, which comes up with valuable insights and predictions in real-time. LogiSmart logistic solution offers the ability to optimize network orchestration to degrees of efficiency that cannot be achieved with human thinking alone. AI can help the logistics to redefine today’s behaviors and practices, taking operations from reactive to proactive, planning from forecast to prediction, processes from manual to autonomous, and services from standardized to personalized. It is empowered with disruptive technologies like cloud computing, machine learning/AI and advanced analytics in order to make it simple, flexible, intelligent and more robust with anywhere, anytime accessibility.

Intelligent Statistical Process Control

QuickSPC is a best-in-class statistical process control software which quickly understands the manufacturing process data and comes up with valuable insights and predictions in real-time.

Demand Forecasting Machine Learning Algorithm

RADBoost algorithm is RadomeTech’s custom build demand forecasting algorithm suitable to integrate to any existing solutions. The primary advantage of this algorithm is to understand the pattern of mixed types of items used in various industries like Manufacturing, Oil & gas, Logistics and Retail market and predict the demand accurately. This will consolidate from all types of raw material to final product and understand the pattern of usage and predicts the demand. This algorithm can be used to estimate your production demand and helps you to maintain most accurate inventory and also predict the aftersales spares to be maintained at the same time. RADBoost helps to take accurate business dicisions to improve customer satisfaction.

Who we are?

RadomeTech was started by Aerospace and It professionals with more than 30 years of experience together, whose vision is to be a market leader in solving problems as well as achieving the operational excellence in Aerospace and Defense domain using Artificial Intelligence, Machine learning and Analytics. The company is registered under Ministry of Corporate Affairs (MCA) and recognized as a startup by DIPP(Department of Industrial Policy and Promotion) and also registered as MSME for services offered.

What we Do?

In the field of Aerospace, Military and Defense we offer the following Products and Services to enable the best support for our customers.


we are declared as the winners of Defense India Startup Challenge in association with IDex and DIO(Defense Innovation Organization) of MOD. we have also received the Grant from DIO for Co-creating a product called LogiSmart – AI based SCM and Logistics

AI, ML and Analytics Solutions

RadomeTech is a Bengaluru based startup developing AI, ML and Analytics solutions through build-to-suit and build-to-spec in the field of Aerospace and Defense. we follow Agile methodology for our product development and have strong expertise in product development lifecycle management. we develop AI, ML and Analytics solutions for flight simulation and training, operations, MRO and Testing


we at RadomeTech have expertise in staff augmentation, EDC and Engineering Services

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Our Awesome Team

RadomeTechies have experienced minds to Develop, Validate, Test and Maintain the disruptive technologies like AI, ML and Data Analytics based software solutions. our core strength is mixed experience of Aerospace & Defense and IT. we have an enthusiastic and energetic team driven by passion towards achieving the common goal

Nagendra Prasad KUMBLE

Founder & Director

Passionate Mechanical Engineer with 9 years of experience in A&D. Key expertise in areas like Aerostructures, ESI, MSI and Avionics. Enthusiast entrepreneur at RodomeTech developing the company towards best in class Aerospace and Defense AI, ML and Data Analytics solution company

Ajit Aneppanavar

Senior Data-Scientist

Finishing his schooling from Bagalkot, Karnataka and pursued his post Graduation from MVJ in the field of computer science and Python programmer. enterprise programming, Cloud Management, Data analytics is his favourite too. puzzle solving is his passtime

Shruti Jayawadagi


High Energetic data scientist with bachelor degree in Information Science engineering and post graduate Diploma in Data Science. strongly focusing and developing custom ML algorithms  and Analytics. hands on experience in developing chatbots

Nischay Gowda

Data Scientist

An electronics and Communication Engineer turning into hard core Image processing expert. passionate about Image processing and developing various algorithms to detect, identify and classify objects . 

RudraKiran Rambhapuri

Business Head – Engineering Services

Passionate Embedded Engineer with 15 years of experience in various domains.

Ashwini Sridhar

Data Scientist

Computer science engineer with Post graduation from PESIT on Big Data and IOT. hands on experience in Big data, analytics and Database  management.







Latest News

Completed the contract with DIO for co-creating AI based supplychain and Logistics software. The software is called as logiSmart and it is an ERP loaded with smart features using AI and ML. key features of this product is demand forecasting, prediction, recomendation and route&package optimizations. we are selected for SPARK grant from goverment and the product will be developed to Indian Navy.

Best real-time, predictive SPC (statistical process control) software

QuickSPC is a best-in-class statistical process control software which quickly understands the manufacturing process data and comes up with valuable insights and predictions in real-time. It is empowered with disruptive technologies[…]

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